FoxWise is driven by 3 pillars of commitment. These pillars are framed around our corporate culture, principles, values and traditions.

Committed to an Indigenous WorkForce and Partnership
FoxWise recruits, trains and hires Indigenous candidates, providing supportive and mentorship standards for professional growth.  FoxWise strengthens communities by utilizing Indigenous businesses and partnering with associates who are actively engaged with or supportive of Indigenous professionals.

Committed to Indigenous Leadership
FoxWise ensures that all projects and services provided are not only compliant with best practices and codes, but is integrated with First Nation community values and sensitivities.

Committed to the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB)
As an active member of Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business we strive to:

      • Stimulate Indigenous business development
      • Increase the number of Indigenous firms competing for and winning federal contracts
      • ‘Set aside’ certain contracts exclusively for competition among Indigenous businesses