SamEnza Alexander
Executive Vice President
FoxWise Technologies Inc.

Enza is a senior executive with experience in building and managing businesses in Canada the US and EMEA markets. Enza has built and lead high performance Teams in these markets.

With more than two decades in executive leadership in information technology, Enza has worked with fortune 100 companies to rapidly adopt innovations to meet their business objectives. Enza brings a rich history of experience including finance, operations, sales, marketing and professional services.

This experience has established a strong network of contacts in government and with business leaders that can pave the way for our clients to better understand how to outpace their competitors and meet the objectives of their business. Passionate about better understanding the positive impact and possibilities that digital solutions, mobile apps and services can deliver to the people that need it.

Enza has been working with and promoting Indigenous social and economic growth needs for over a decade in both Canada and the US. She continues to have a heavy focus on the Indigenous communities in Canada with special emphasis on health, youth, and the development of an Indigenous workforce. At FoxWise, Enza leads our sales and perations and is responsible for overall client satisfaction. She has a long and successful track record built on driving growth solutions that are value-based.

In 2011, Enza was recognized as one of Canada’s leading Women in Technology by IT Canada and CDN Magazine.