FoxWise’s professional services’ practice provides the foundation for innovation, enabling clients to leverage technology in achieving exceptional business results. The company’s highly trained professional services and consulting team work with clients to design, build, and manage the most practical and cost-effective solutions available while also addressing their evolving IT and business requirements. Because FoxWise’s approach to professional services is completely vendor-neutral, its team is able to provide clients with unbiased guidance - solutions designed specifically for them.

The FoxWise team is known for its extensive expertise in IT systems architecture and project delivery, systems integration, application services, managed services, and hardware and software implementation.

With this experience and industry creditability, the professional services and consulting team is uniquely equipped to help FoxWise clients meet their business objectives, and has been doing so for more than two decades. They enhance client productivity with cross-vendor solutions, improved collaboration, and automation. They help clients reduce and avoid costs through consolidation, leveraging new cloud-based technology and managed services, and in evaluating the TOC and ROI associated with new strategies before they’re implemented. They also help clients improve service levels, providing better performance, availability, security, compliance, and scalability. Most importantly, FoxWise’s professional services and consulting team allows clients to mitigate risks and move products to market faster.

Core Capabilities

  • Strategy Roadmaps & Architectures

    • Cloud Architecture
    • Server and Desktop Virtualization Assessments
    • Data Management Storage Strategy
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Converged Network Strategy
    • End User Services Strategies
    • Technical Resources


    Validation - Deployment - Migrations

    • Pilot / Proof of Concept
    • Testing: Functional, Stress, & Performance
    • IT Infrastructure Planning and Design
    • Implementation & Integration
    • Custom Training & Mentoring
    • Migrations:  Data Centres, Servers
    • Enterprise Systems Management & Business Service Management


  • Project Management

    • Fixed Fee or Time Based Delivery
    • Project Management Methodology
    • Process Improvement


  • OnDemand Resourcing

    • Enhanced Staff Augmentation
    • Resource Management


  • Business Results

  • Enhance Productivity

    • Collaboration and Development
    • Integrated Cross-vendor Solutions & Training
    • Improve Business-client Interaction


  • Reduce & Avoid Costs

    • Consolidation & Containment of Sprawl
    • CAPEX: Central & Remote Sites, Networks, Servers, Storage, Cabling, & Software Licensing
    • OPEX: Green Power, Cooling, & Space; Operations; Management; & Maintenance


  • Improve Service Levels

    • Performance: Bandwidth, IOPS, & Transactions
    • Availability: HA clustering, DR Replication, Backup & Recovery, & Performance
    • Security: Encrypt, Anti-x, IDM, Firewall, & NAC
    • Compliance: Regulations, Policy, & Retention
    • Scalable & Dynamic = Service-Oriented


  • Mitigate Risks & Speed Time to Market

    • PM-led Experience to Help Clients Meet Objectives
    • Expertise to Handle Unknowns (including OnDemand resourcing as required)
    • Automated Provisioning & Change Control (including “cloud control” capabilities)
    • Managed Services & Cloud Offerings