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To those exploring our digital domain, whether you’re an individual seeking tech solutions or a potential collaborator intrigued by our mission, welcome to the FoxWise community! 

FoxWise is a First Nation owned company, and we strive to understand customer needs and provide technically sound and cost-effective solutions. We are proud to include First Nation communities across Canada, corporate, and numerous government departments as our clients.

 Explore the possibilities, learn about our commitment to empowering community, and be a part of our shared vision of positive change that creates opportunities for all.

Government Procurement

Join us in advancing innovation, efficiency, and fulfilling the 5% Indigenous spend commitment for a stronger federal landscape.

Solutions and Services

Transform your business in the evolving digital landscape.

Strategic Partners

Explore our partnerships that drive innovation and propel your business forward.

Our Commitment

FoxWise is driven by 3 pillars of commitment. These pillars are framed around our corporate culture, principles, values and traditions.

Committed to an Indigenous Workforce

FoxWise recruits, trains and hires Indigenous candidates, providing support and mentorship standards for professional growth.  FoxWise partners with Indigenous businesses and associates who are actively engaged with and are committed to strengthening our Indigenous communities.

Committed to Indigenous Leadership

FoxWise ensures that all projects and services provided are not only compliant with best practices and codes, but are also integrated with First Nation community values and awarenes.

Committed to the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business (PSIB)

As an active member of Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business we strive to:

Empowering Community

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