Empowering Community

Cultivating Cultural Resilience Through Technology​

At FoxWise Technologies, we recognize the profound importance of empowering Indigenous communities and fostering sustainable development. Our commitment extends beyond technological innovation; it encompasses a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous populations worldwide. In aligning with the principles of cultural sensitivity and social responsibility, we strive to create technology solutions that not only bridge the digital divide but also respect and uplift the rich heritage and wisdom of Indigenous communities. By weaving together tradition and technology, we embark on a journey to empower these communities, ensuring they are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in the modern world while preserving their cultural identity.

FIT Community Service Program

Mission: We are dedicated to furthering Indigenous prosperity by providing Technology and Communications to Indigenous Communities in support of social, educational, business, as well as health & safety services. 

Values: FoxWise holds First Nations values and concepts at its core. We respect the unique cultures and histories of Indigenous communities and emply Indigenous approaches in all of our work.

Goal: Aid in building and supporting Indigenous self-reliance by providing Technology and Communication Services with staff that live in and are part of the community. 

Indigenous Workforce

In our pursuit of Indigenous empowerment, FoxWise Technologies actively engages in collaborations and partnerships that prioritize the inclusion and participation of indigenous talent. We firmly believe that fostering a diverse workforce, representative of the communities we serve, is integral to achieving meaningful empowerment. By providing training, mentorship, and employment opportunities to individuals from indigenous backgrounds, we aim to not only bridge the technological gap but also contribute to the socio-economic advancement of Indigenous communities.

Empowering Community

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